Language Connection makes learning a second language interesting and fun.  It’s not a typical program as there is not a class or lesson with definite start or stop date (like a class at the university).  You can ‘roll into’ an ongoing group lesson or take individual lessons.  The instructions are pretty reasonably priced and they offer you a lot of different language options.  I took private French lessons prior to traveling to France and found the instruction very useful for my trip.  I would gladly take lessons in the future when traveling abroad ( I think they teach Spanish, German, Chinese, etc).  I also enjoyed that the speakers where ‘native’ speakers and gave useful information about the culture in addition to the lessons.  Overall, I would recommend that you check them out.

Laura B.
Long Beach, California

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Lara B

I am a student at Language Connection CA for close to a year now. I used to go there in person when I was between jobs. when I got a job last SUMMER, sneaking in an hour to drive to class became tough. Also, driving to class took away from my family time.  So, to save on gas and time, I signed up for online CLASSES. i realized that Skype is now compatible with many an online classroom tools, which help you take notes and save them. a huge plus is that you get the same undivided attention as you get when you are there in person. As call quality over VOIP has gotten better and BETTER, I will continue to take online lessons with language connection ca.

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