Accent Reduction Programs

Accent Reduction Programs for Professionals/Individuals

We identify accent problem areas and train professionals to use correct pronunciations.

Many internationally-trained professionals are highly educated and very fluent in English, however, subtle differences in pronunciation can hold them back in their work place.

Having an accent is fine, but if you are having problems communicating at work, on the phone, or socially, then accent reduction training is for you. In some situations having a strong accent can impede career advancement. For example, if clients have problems understanding you on the phone, during conferences, or while giving a presentation, they could complain to your superiors and this could negatively affect your opportunities.

The goal of accent reduction is not total elimination. Rather, the goal is to learn proven techniques to speak clearer and relate better at work.

The Process for Accent Reduction Training

1. Get an assessment at our Language Center

2. Based on your assessment, a Speech Professional will be able to identify what accent problems areas you may have.

3. An Individualized Education Plan or Small Group Plan will then be recommended. Each plan is different depending on your first language (L1) and individual concerns. If you work in a specific field such as Engineering, Accounting, Nursing, etc., you may want to incorporate work-specific language into the program.

4. Lessons are either one-on-one lessons or small group lessons (at the center or off-location) and are generally one hour long, during which time you will learn techniques to train the muscles of the mouth to produce specific sounds.