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Thank you for visiting Language Connection CA, your number one source for high quality language services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach languages, culture, history, and literature to the youth, professionals, and world travelers of the Bay Area.

We teach with style, pizzazz, and a dash of humor so that your time spent learning another language is fun and engaging.

We offer many services including language instruction, tutoring, culture studies, traveler etiquette, translation, software testing, voice recording, accent reduction, accent training, and web design.

To fit our customer’s needs, upon request, we will send our instructors to your site or your home. We can also arrange for some of the learning process to be conducted using Skype.

Why Tutoring?

  • One-on-One or Two-on-One intensive work
  • Bring up their grades & maintain that perfect A for her/his GPA
  • High focus on proper accent, reading, grammar

Personalized Lessons!

We can teach any language that you would like to learn.  Our specialties are English, French and Spanish. With the method we use at Language Connection CA, your optimal learning will happen in the classroom. We allow clients to take as many private lessons and to join in as many group sessions as desired. Participating in class and attending classes regularly will accelerate the learning process.

We understand that our students are busy with work, school, and other activities. We do not want our pupils to be discouraged because they do not have time to do their homework. Our teachers usually give one exercise of application to see if the course has been understood; otherwise scholars will not receive any homework from us. We do understand that individuals have different needs, and if it will assist you to learn quicker, you are free to ask for additional tasks to perform outside of the classroom. You might benefit from our “Links” page, which has helpful links and information.

For more information about learning another language at Language Connection CA, check out our “Language Instruction” page. You will find BIOs for many of our instructors on our “Languages” page, along with all the languages we teach.

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We look forward to assisting you.


Instruction Advantages


Individual and Couple Tutoring

Learning a foreign language is easy and flexible with one-on-one lessons. Learn at your own speed! Teachers cater to your style of learning and your work schedule. Our native language teachers are fully accredited and work with beginners to advanced levels.


Help Students Bring Up Their Grades & Maintain the Perfect A

Homework can be frustrating; it’s essential that your child excel and maintain their A. Our teachers guide students to maximize their individual learning styles and their school’s curriculum. Our teachers create a safe, fun and productive learning environment for all ages.


Learn Proper Grammar and Accents

Our language classes are taught by native speakers, which helps ensure you learn proper grammar and accents. Having native speaking teachers also gives the additional benefit of learning the culture of that language and is a great asset for those planning to travel abroad!